Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Illegal Immigration Dilemma

We have good friends in Morgantown named Peter Galik and Ida Holaskova.  Peter and Ida are from Slovakia.  They came to this country looking for freedom and opportunity.  They started a family here, earned advanced university degrees here, and built a business here.  They are exactly the kind of people most of us would be proud to welcome as new Americans.

The ongoing debate over immigration reform must be very frustrating for them:  Millions of people who chose to enter this country illegally might be allowed to stay and eventually become citizens themselves, while good people like Peter and Ida ...who have done everything by the book ...hurry up and wait.

What kind of a country rewards, or offers the promise of a reward, to people who broke the law to get here?  I understand that many of them are good people, with families and jobs and futures they could never imagine in their countries of origin.  But the very first thing they did when they crossed the border was break the law.  They broke the law.  Is that the kind of people we want here?

Or do we want people like Peter Galik and Ida Holaskova, who have obeyed the law to the very letter, and are still waiting for the reward they so richly deserve?

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