Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I was absolutely stunned Monday. There was President Obama ...a graduate of Harvard Law School, and a law school teacher himself ...getting it all wrong.

All of it. And on TV!

Checks and balances. Judicial review. Judges who are appointed, not elected, to insulate them from the pressures of politics and public opinion. And all in the name of a health care reform plan that, as one U.S Supreme Court justice suggested, requires every American to participate in commerce, so the federal government can regulate that commerce.

The question now is ...has Obama's clumsy effort to influence the court backfired in the court of public opinion?

From Peter Wehner, in "Commentary:"
"I don’t know what the political effect of all this will be. But intellectually, this is the week where Barack Obama jumped the shark. In a deep, fundamental way, he is no longer a serious man. Nor an honest one. His public words are now purposefully bleached of truth. And that is a painful thing to have to say about an American president."
And from "The Wall Street Journal:"
"The last two days have revealed Mr. Obama at his least appealing—and least Presidential—first warning the Supreme Court not to dare overturn his health-care law, and now demonizing the motives of his political opposition. It is a long, long way from his "there's no red America, there's no blue America" stuff of 2004, much less the inspiration of 2008."
I guess someone at the White House must have said something to Obama, because he sang a slightly different tune on Tuesday. But it just seemed to make things worse.

I found this on "Powerline:"
"One could be charitable and say that Barack Obama is a bullshitter who makes stuff up whenever he is in a tough spot, or one could say that he is a habitual liar. Take your pick."
Maybe we just ought to pick someone else.

Keystone Pipeline Clogged

This image is so inappropriate that I'm almost ashamed to display it here. But my mother sent it to me, and she assures me that it's really quite amusing. It is kind of funny. I especially like the little Uncle Sam character with the plunger. It's going to take a whole bunch of people with plungers to flush this turd.